We join dog food industry

In today’s society life is so fast moving that we have become so used to eating in a manner that has little resemblance to our forefathers habits, where eating was essentially a social occasion where people took time to sit down and relax. Through this behaviour, not only has our quality of life dropped, our food has become far less nutritious and therefore our health suffers. Our furry friends are not allowed to make their own decisions on what they eat and it is our responsibility to get this decision correct because its massively important.

The content of our dog food in previous years has left us with a lot to be desired with reference to the quality of it, its bordering on outrageous. A small amount of companies have been trying to address this
situation, but this is a tiny percentage, because our furries cant speak it goes unnoticed and its time we took full responsibility.
Here at Mother Hubbards we are trying our upmost to gain as much knowledge on this subject as is possible and due to our relationship with Wags Doggy Day Care we are able to monitor our achievements at very close proximity. We feed our doggies and watch the results before,during and indeed after. We study our doggies moods and energy levels very closely.
The massive companies that currently rule the dog food world have led us all to believe that they know what they are doing but in reality what they are doing is creating enormous profits. Our main business is Wags Doggy Day Care and therefore we are not chasing money in the short term, we have a much bigger picture in mind. If we can grow organically into a large dog
food outlet then we will be in larger control of the dog food industry. This will allow us to dictate what goes into the dog food and consequently into our furry friends. Its an absolute clich√© to say that they need a balanced diet but that is exactly what is required and not just writing it on the packaging to fool people. You wouldn’t feed your kids McDonald’s everyday so why do you give it to your dogs?
Mother Hubbards is a dog food that you can trust but we must continue to work harder to improve it by introducing more natural ingredients to make it even better and our promise is to do exactly that.
This is an observation of an industry which is currently under quality and over priced, please help us to change it!
As our Wags day centres grow then we will be in a perfect position to feed all our furries the right way and with the correct meals with the proper content of ingredients.
Mother Hubbards dog food makes this pledge, we are only puppies in this industry but we intend to grow into fine, healthy, happy company that actually cares and loves our wuffers.