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Dog Day Care at Wags Doggy Day Care

The Day Care arenas consists of three separate classrooms each containing a group of woofers where different activities are carried out.  Each group is rotated periodically to ensure that the doggies receive an equal amount of time in each classroom.  Our classroom activities include: free play, scent work, relaxing bubble time, one-on-one and group training, [...]

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Dog Nutritionist

At Wags we have access to a qualified Dog Nutritionist who can: · Advise you and answer any questions on general nutritional needs · Create tailored nutritional programmes to suit individual Dogs · Identify and help resolve any behavioural problems which may have resulted from nutritional issues · Identify and help resolve any medical related [...]

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Dog Whispering

Dog Whispering comes to Wags! Let us help you overcome your dogs unwanted behaviour using the natural ways of dogs psychology! Wags have teamed up with Vicky and this is what she had to say. "I have had ten wonderful years’ experience of using dog psychology to adopt, rehabilitate and integrate my current pack members. [...]

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Health Spa Doggy Salon

Here at Wags we offer our clients a bespoke grooming experience like no other. Our personal approach to pampering pooches and our detailed consultation service gives our customers the ability to discuss their exact requirements with our staff over a cup of coffee. We take our time to establish your woofers grooming needs and ensure [...]

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