Wags Blogs – Behavioural Series

The topic of Dog behaviour has had significant media attention in recent years, not least because of the shocking incidents of Dog aggression witnessed across the UK.

However, most people only begin to think about Dog behaviour once it becomes a problem they need to resolve.

In fact, if asked to think about the topic of Dog behaviour most people think of behavioural issues such as chewing, barking, toileting, pulling on the lead etc. However, all of these things are actually just symptoms of the same problem: Dogs are a different species, who speak a different language, living in a complex human society, which they do not understand. Behavioural issues begin to occur because of this fact. Only if we accept this as being true can we have a hope of preventing and resolving such issues
Dogs, like children, do not come with a hard wired understanding of how to thrive in the world. In taking them into our homes it becomes our duty to learn their language and to help them successfully navigate our complex society. If we dedicate ourselves to this goal we can not only resolve behavioural issues we encounter in our Dogs, we can actually prevent them and enjoy the many benefits of living in harmony with our Dogs

At Wags Dog Day Care we are privileged to spend our day in the company of the most incredible Dogs. Each of these Dogs has their own unique, heart melting personality. Each of these Dogs has their own way of viewing the world and their own way of learning. It is impossible to spend time with them and not fall in love with them. Put simply each Dog we care for at Wags has become part of our family.
We are also privileged to work with Owners who love their Dogs beyond compare. It could not be clearer to us that the owner of each Wags Dog wants the best for them.

The team at Wags love these Dogs, we don’t just want them to have a great day, we, like their owners, want them to have a great life.
In honour of this fact in the next series of Blogs we will be discussing Dog behaviour in general and giving away tips that Dog behaviourists charge hundreds of pounds for on how to prevent and resolve common issues.

We will start this series with the golden rule of Dog behaviour. If you choose to learn one thing from the next series of Blogs you should make it this:
If you want your Dog to repeat a behaviour then reward this behaviour. If you want your Dog to stop a behaviour then ignore this behaviour.
We hope that you enjoy this series of Blogs and that in writing them we can play a part in helping you and your Dog to enjoy the best possible life together!