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Spaying and Neutering

In the latest blog in our behavioural series we are going to take a look at the issue of neutering and spaying There is no doubt that this is a contentious issue. Opinion is hugely divided between when to neuter or spay and in fact whether to do it at all. So let’s start with […]

Wags Doggy Day Care – Behavioural Series – Recall

In the first blogs in our behavioural series we explored the most effective, basic things you can do in order to help your Dog lead a happy life and proactively avoid behavioural issues. Having done so we will now move on to look at specific behavioural issues and how to prevent them and resolve them […]

Wags Blogs – Behavioural Series

The topic of Dog behaviour has had significant media attention in recent years, not least because of the shocking incidents of Dog aggression witnessed across the UK. However, most people only begin to think about Dog behaviour once it becomes a problem they need to resolve. In fact, if asked to think about the topic […]